Set my soul on fire


// Chorus

Burn me

Set my soul on fire

make it pure like gold

I need to take you higher 

than my own


// Vers

I´ve seen it, I´ve want it

I need to grab it now

My eyes are excited

my heart is beating low


Fightin´ for

my back is covered

My Lord has blessed this way

just before, I reached the goal

I have to stop and pray


Try to fly, without wings

Do it by myself

I´m strong enough, I need no help

to climb up that hill


but the ground is hard and dirty

my body´s breaking through

my wisdom, call it „Weirdy

philosophy of fools“


I Die myself and give it up

lay before your throne

broken down, who lift me up

I don´t stand up alone


Never try´d to let it be

to trust in you complete

I Let it go, my lovely dream

Throw it into deep



// Vers 2

it hurts if he does it

if I let him form my soul

if he take me, break me

and let my spirit grow


I wanna hear your voice

need to listen to this sound

your daily spoken word

is giving me new ground


to stand on 

And I will never fall

If I listen to your words

and make it living now


come on, take my hand

and be my leading guide

come on, talk to me

and let me know I´m right


I will trust in you

and give you all I am

I will follow your voice

my life is in your hands


And I know it is

yours and no more mine

and I am free to say 

Lord, let my ego die