Lyric by sirKaleb

//Vers 1

Beautiful girl 

come take my hand

I show you this world

till you understand

it is all for us

all the beauty all around

and our talents are gifts

to show us love

We are made for each other

lets conquer the world

as I told you: I love ya

I gave you my word

We are stronger as a couple

We are better than before

You are my treasure

and, well girl, Im yours

Let´s share what we like

and share what we don´t

In good and in bad

I will never let you go

It´s not just a passion

we found destiny

In each other souls

grows what we need

We are like jigsaws

and both we are one

perfect drawn picture

blessed by the son

And what if we stumble

it hurts not the same

We´re holding each other

and share all the pain


If I dream

I would never wake up

Never wake

Never wake up


You thrilled me

You filled me

with thoughts full of love

You´ve killed it

my daydreams

as you fall from above

I´ll never start dreaming

like I do before

It just becomes real

oh thank you, my lord

//Vers 2

What if I walk

to the end of what we know

are you ready to follow

wherever I go?

What if I loose

all I got in my life

are you ready to live

as a poor man´s wife?

In good and in bad

remember this words

the good days are easy

what if it hurts

If you leave me, I love ya

the same as before

If you go I would pray

bring her back to me lord

Cause that what I feel 

is more than a feeling

I know it is real

it´s the true word´s meaning

the love to a sinner

the person inside

all your weakness

and love beyond time